We'll Ship Your Unaccompanied Baggage for You

Sending Excess Baggage to the CANADA
If you need excess baggage and personal belongings collected and delivered to a new address in the Canada, talk to Track Triangle Aviation Services (Pvt) Ltd

Whether you're sending holiday luggage or other personal belongings, talk to Track Triangle Aviation Services (Pvt) Ltd today about affordable and secure Airport-To-Airport, Door-To-Airport, Airport-To-Door and Door-To-Door relocation.

Here's what we offer:

- Excess baggage can be virtually anything from an extra holdall of essentials to a surfboard and a set of golf clubs. Whatever the consignment, we can accommodate you.
- We provide free packing boxes and packing materials for your items. Any boxes you don't use will be taken back free of charge.
Our first visit to your home will be to drop off the boxes so you can start packing.
- Our second visit will be to pick the boxes up again, once they've been packed to suit your needs.
- If you have other items like bicycles, snowboards, surfboards or even large TVs, we will pack these once collected.
- If you're sending suitcases, these too will be placed inside a box to ensure they arrive safely.
- Our third visit will be to the door of your chosen destination in the USA to unload the boxes.
- And that's pretty much it: It's one of the safest and most affordable ways of getting your stuff from A to B!
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